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SAPEUR(The peace wearers)


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First time I found their photos, I shouted “Wow, Super Cooool!”.


See, they are so cool!

I did some research on SAPEUR.

And I realized they were cool not only in fashion but also way to live.

I felt like writing a blog about them.

So, I e-mailed Mr. SAP CHANO, photographer who took this great photo to asked him that I wanted to use his photos on my blog.

I knew it was a crazy idea and didn’t expect a reply.

But he replied to my e-mail and kindly accepted my request!!!

How kind of you, CHANO-san!

Therefore, I post many great photos on my blog. Ha, ha, ha.

Well, I will present about SAPEUR with big respect from here.


Guys who are dressed high-brand suits and walk like “Runway Models” on the street in Congo.

They are “SAPEUR”.

 Société des ambianceurs et des personnes élégantes


They are not rich, but they spend a lot of their monthly income on fashion.

They say “Devoting the life for fashion is pure happiness for gentleman”.



Many of them are devout Christians.

They work weekdays and attend church on weekends.

They wear the best outfits when they go.


They are hero in the town.


“SAPEUR” has two rules:

Rule #1 :  No more than three colors combined.

Rule #2:   Be elegant not only in fashion but also in behavior.


Cigars and tobacco pipe are one of the important fashion items for them.


Why do they devote the life for fashion?

Guys who have experienced harsh fights know

"War creates nothing but sadness".

They threw away their guns and got cool outfits.

They love peace and living elegantly.


That's the peace wearers “SAPEUR”.

They are Super, Duper, Cool!!!!!


Their urban fashion and the rustic cityscape are making a mysterious combination.

This is exactly art!

Vive la SAPEUR!


How was it?

I would be happy if you could feel a wonderfulness of SAPEUR.




SAPEUR Association Japan:


My instagram :  @licca68


I also made a presentation video for personal use.

It is uploaded as private on Youtube.

If you are interested in it, please contact my instagram.


 Thank you!